COC Feels: Only Serious Players Would Understand

Have you been playing COC for quite a while now? We are sure that you have been in these moments. If you are a serious player of COC, we are sure you can relate.

Revenge is so Satisfying

You have been building your castle and making sure that everything is up to par with your standards. You’ve been offline for an hour, and guess what, you have been attacked by another player from a higher level. It so unfair. You feel the whole world crashing. You are so mad that you want to hit the revenge button without thinking. But you know that won’t cut it. You have to be ready to successfully butcher your attacker's village. You need to buy the gems and gold so you can create more warriors to do the attack. And after all the endless waiting and preparation, you’ll hit that revenge button with that sweet expression on your face. It’s so satisfying. It’s quite funny that you find euphoria by playing COC.

The Urge to be Online Every 2 Hours

No matter what you are doing, you’ll find an excuse so you can check your phone. This happens for serious COC players even when they buy website traffic. The urge to check your phone every 2 hours is such a bad habit to break. For serious COC players, being online every 2 hours is a must. You have to check if you can upgrade your towers and prepare your village for the next heavy battle.  For people who don’t know the emotions involved in COC, you might find this silly and exaggerated. But folks, this is true, believe it or not.

Multi-Tasking Skills Go to the Next Level

If you can do multiple things at once, you are called a multi-tasker. But if you are a gamer, you know how to divert your focus into so many things. You can play while lecturing your child, while you cook, and while you are doing the laundry. However, if there’s a battle going on, you tend to turn off the switches and focus on the game.